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Today's workplace is challenging and volatile. Organizational Change Management skills related to Workplace Wellness and Workplace Conflict Management are more critical than ever before.  


Build an organizational culture that attracts and retains the best talent in your industry with our live, interactive, and customizable organizational learning programs.

Discover how we can help your organization thrive by building a positive, engaged, innovative and productive workplace.  

How Participants Rate Our Programs

96% of participants rate our Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Programs as Excellent or Good.
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Who We Are

We are a talent development company designed for organizational learning in today's millennial workforce. Organizational change management skills have never been more critical for leaders to navigate the complex and volatile nature of today's workplace.


We provide organizational training in conflict resolution, workplace mediation and conflict de-escalation skills, as well a suite of programs related to Workplace Wellness. Our curriculum has been designed by our faculty, comprised of a team of experts in social, clinical and organizational psychology, psychiatry and law. This rich blend of knowledge and experience has created the most innovative, results-oriented, engaging talent development programs available today.


All of our organizational training programs provide tools and executable skills that enable participants to add immediate value to their organizations. We are proud to empower and work hand-in-hand with the next generation of skilled mediators and conflict resolution specialists.

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Our Clients

Grow with Workplace Culture, Inc. 

Our training helps organizations resolve conflict and create positive
workplace cultures across industries, sectors and the world.
What We Do


We work with organizations and independent professionals to transform workplace cultures by teaching the myriad of skills needed to resolve, de-escalate, and mediate workplace conflicts, and by teaching techniques and strategies that effectively cultivate cultures of wellness.


For organizations interested in developing their own training teams to teach these skills, techniques and strategies, we offer a Training of Trainers Program. We also offer Custom Programs that can be completely tailored to your organization's needs.

We regularly offer our Workplace Conflict Resolution Program, as well many other programs, both online and in person, for professionals who would like to gain the skills and tools to positively and effectively shape their workplace cultures.

Live programs for teams, departments, leadership, entire companies, or any group in your organization. Offered onsite and online. 

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Organizational Training

Live courses in Conflict Resolution, Conflict De-escalation, Workplace Mediation, and more. Offered online and in person.

Working from Home

Professional Development

Our Story
Couples Therapy


Our Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Programs, as well as our Suite of Organizational Culture Programs began in 2010 as part of Conflict Resolution Training, Inc., a company founded by our Chief Executive, Susan Deveney. Susan's interest in non adversarial systems of conflict and dispute resolution began early in her career as a litigator. She witnessed firsthand the deficiencies and insurmountable challenges presented by the adversarial system of litigation to reach effective, informed and acceptable solutions to conflicts that were presented to courts. This led to her interest in developing effective conflict resolution systems and techniques that did not involve litigation.

When asked to begin training mediators in 2010, Susan began to envision a national training organization that would build a community of properly trained mediation and conflict resolution professionals, who could collaborate and grow a non adversarial system of dispute resolution. The training programs she designed then, and the training programs that have been designed by her and the team that is now part of the Conflict Resolution Training brand, have always been based upon real world, practical instruction and interactive learning. Our students do not learn by videotape. Every class we teach, whether on-site or online, is live and interactive.


Through decades of experience as a conflict resolution specialist and mediator in business, political, legislative, administrative, courtroom and classroom settings, Susan has honed her talent as a skilled and highly creative conflict resolution specialist and now enjoys being part of an outstanding faculty that shares its many years of experience with clients and students throughout the United States and abroad. 

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Our Core Values
Our Core Values represent what is important to us. These values define us individually and collectively. They provide us with the foundation upon which we build relationships and trust among our team, our students, our clients, and our community.
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Continuing Education
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Our pedagogy involves a range of training techniques, including whole-class and small group exercises, interactive role plays, guided learning, and individual activities. We use dialogue and questioning to develop higher order thinking and metacognition.


The use of case studies and role play have always been integral components of our pedagogy. 

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We are an approved SHRM Recertification Provider, so all of our courses are approved for Professionals Development Credits (PDCs). With us, all of your class time goes towards re-certifying your SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. 



Conflict Resolution Training, Inc. 

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