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Dr. William F. Northey, Jr.

PhD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor, Author, and Consultant

Dr. Bill is an internationally renowned speaker; expert marriage and family therapist
(MFT) with over 30 years of experience; and an accomplished leader and administrator.
Dr. Bill has presented across the world including Hong Kong, Thailand, Maylasia,
Argentina, the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, and throughout North America
focusing on effective strategies for working with high conflict families, substance use
disorders, competency development, and supervision of marriage and family therapist.
He currently serves as the President and CEO of Q3 Analytics and Consulting as well as
the Director of the Bellefonte Center for Children and Family in Wilmington, Delaware
where he provides a variety of consultative and clinical services, including training, staff
development and clinical supervision, program development and evaluation, and grant


Dr. Bill is a prolific author and presenter with over 100 presentations and 50 publications
to his credit. Dr. Bill has served as CEO of a large behavioral health organization and
held academic appointments at Bowling Green, George Washington, Wilmington,
Amridge, Northcentral, and Drexel Universities. He has extensive experience in the
development of effective strategies for MFT training, competency, and supervision in
various clinical contexts around the world and has served on the AAMFT Ethics and
Judicial Committees as well as the Founding Member and Chair-Elect of Substance Use
and Other Addictive Disorders Interest Group. He has been active with the International
Association of Family Therapy for almost 20 years serving as Treasurer, Congress Chair,
and Supervision Track Curator. In his home state of Delaware, he has served as a
member of the Delaware Regulatory Board for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Professional, as well as President and delegate to the Association for Marital and Family
Therapy Regulatory Boards. His clinical focus is on couples and families in addressing
challenges of life that emerge during separation, divorce, co-parenting, and substance use


Dr. Bill holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and master’s and
doctoral degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Maryland-College
Park and Kansas State University, respectively. He is licensed as a MFT in the State of

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