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Jen Keiser Gordon, Esq.

Attorney, Entrepreneur, Mediator

Jen Keiser Gordon is a attorney, business owner, nonprofit board member and mediator with more than 20 years experience advising corporations and nonprofit organizations. She brings a mediator’s point of view to all situations and is known for her empathy, creativity, and skill in helping people identify areas where their interests overlap.


Jen is General Counsel, CFO, and co-owner of Pinnacle Prep, a private tutoring company that provides premium test prep and academic tutoring in students’ homes and via internet conferencing. Her duties include training, strategy, finance, client engagement, human resources, and compliance. Her favorite parts of the job have always been conflict resolution and training staff with an eye towards problem prevention! She provides both onboarding and continuing training on how to manage challenging conversations with students and parents, and she handles any client or employee issues that need to be escalated. 


Before joining Pinnacle Prep, Jen worked as a litigator in Manhattan and clerked in the Southern District of New York. During the pandemic, she co-founded At the Table, a nonprofit organization that helps ensure high school and college students who have experienced foster care receive the same quality education and outcomes as her company's private clients.


Jen was a Stone Scholar at Columbia Law School and graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College. 

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