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WI DOC Prioritizes Healthy Workplace Cultures

This week Workplace Culture, Inc. wraps up the Wisconsin Department of Corrections's first month of a year of trainings scheduled with us.

We commend the WI DOC’s commitment to building positive workplace cultures across the state’s many facilities by implementing two series of programs that will run over the course of a year.

The two series of courses cover Workplace Conflict Resolution and Social Awareness in the Workplace (including trainings on Empathy, Social & Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, and Leading Difficult Conversations).

Workplace Culture, Inc. will train up to 2000 employees from all levels of the WI DOC in 20 different sessions total. The first month’s sessions were very well received and we’re sure the upcoming sessions will be even better.

We’re looking forward to continuing the trainings and seeing the positive impact that learning conflict resolution and social awareness skills will make in WI DOC workplaces over the coming year.

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